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Pastor list from 1975 - 2016

1990 Constitution

2014 Constitution (Revised)

2018 Constitution (Amended  Feb 2018)

History - Part 1 (Starting 1975)

History - Part 2

History - Part 3

History - Part 4 (ending 2015)


Queen Valley Baptist Mission, a mission of First Baptist Church of Apache Junction, constituted as a mission during special services Jan. 14, 1975. The mission, which began shortly after a vacation Bible school was held in Queen Valley in 1975, constituted with 54 charter members and 12 watchcase members. This group was made up of mainly winter visitors who leave their membership in their home church for the winter months. Later in January 1990, Queen Valley Baptist Church was officially constituted in its own right as a full fledged Church

So, to turn a phrase from the Apostle Paul,

let us invite you to share in the life of the

Church of God in Queen Valley Arizona,

those sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to

be holy (1 Corinthians 1: 1 ).

James W. Martin, Pastor

December 2005

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